How to book for a group

When you would like to book the same tour for more than one person follow the next steps:

Select and click on a date you'd like to book.  
Click  "add to cart" 
Complete the form.   Now you've added the item to your cart (at the right top of your window.) 
Now you can add this item again to your cart, filling in the name and email of one of your group members.


It will now have 2 items in your cart.

Repeat these steps until you've added your group. Keep in mind that every group has a maximum of 7 people.

Once your done click on your cart symbol to proceed to the checkout. 

I can't book my whole group.

Every Tour has a maximum of 7 people. If you would like to book for a bigger group please contact us.

It may happen that the tour you would like to book will not have enough places free for you, if that happens you will see this pop-up.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 10.06.26.png

This means that the tour you've wanted is now full. If you were booking for a group and you can't add all the group members. Please find a different date. Keep in mind that each group has 7 places.  

If you keep having this problem contact us .